Subscribing to entity and link publications

Create push or named pull subscriptions for an entity and link database.


  1. Start a new subscription of the required type. The subscription should be as follows:
    Select the following options for the subscription:
  2. Set the Merge Agent for the Subscriber to run at the required frequency, for example a polling interval of 1 second.
    For more information, see Merge agent for the entity and link database.
    Note: If the iBase database at this Subscriber is read-only, configure the Merge Agent to prevent any uploads to the Publisher. For more information, see Merge agent for a read-only database.
  3. Verify that the snapshot has been applied by checking that a rowguid column exists in one of the user tables selected for the article. If this column is missing, check that the snapshot has been applied.
  4. Test that replication is working correctly for the new subscription. Use one of the user-defined tables:
  5. Restrict access to the tables in the SQL Server database. See the Administration Center document Managing Access Control, for details. The information in this document applies to all types of iBase database.
  6. Back up the databases.
    For more information, see:
  7. Tell the iBase administrator that the security data at the Subscriber is configured for replication.