Upgrading iBase

Upgrading your system to a later version of iBase

To upgrade iBase:
  • You must have administrator privileges
  • You should back up any databases before starting your upgrade
  • You should ensure that your any prerequisites are still supported and if not, upgrade these prerequisites before starting your iBase upgrade
  • If your existing deployment is earlier than iBase version 8.9.13, upgrading is a two step process. You must first install iBase 8.9.13 and open all databases in iBase Designer, before you can proceed to the latest version.
    Note: Your database is upgraded when it is first opened in iBase Designer and not as a part of the software installation.
First, ensure that the server's hardware and software are compatible with both versions of iBase. See the iBase release notes listed on the i2 support site for details.
Important: Take a backup of your database and store it somewhere safe.

Ensure there are no users connected to iBase User, iBase Designer, and any applications that may be connected to iBase, like i2 Analyst's Notebook.

Ensure you have no scheduled imports or indexes set to run.

Download the latest version of iBase. Extract the installer and run it as indicated in Installing i2 iBase.

This will upgrade your current version of iBase to the latest version.

Important: You must upgrade all of your iBase clients at the same time. If you do not, once the database has been updated, your older clients may no longer be able to work with the database.

Once the install has completed, open iBase designer, and log into the security file for your database, and then open all of your databases. When the database first opens, it will then perform an upgrade on the database itself.

Once the database opens, the upgrade is complete. Repeat this for all the databases you use.

If you use Search 360, you will then need to also install the newer version of the Search360indexer. The indexer will then be able to work properly with the database. The indexing tool is listed under the options in the iBase installer.

Once you have upgraded all your clients to the latest release, they may start using the database again.