Chart layouts

Layouts provide a quick way of automatically rearranging the entities and links on your chart. Layouts improve the appearance of your chart and to help you analyze the structure of chart data. When a layout is applied, Analyst's Notebook automatically resizes the chart so that you can see all chart items without having to adjust your view.

Analyst's Notebook provides two main types of layout, depending on what data your chart contains:

  • Layouts for association charts
  • Layouts for timeline charts

For new charts, it is a good idea to try different types of layout to determine which provides the best view for your investigation. When you identify a layout, you can then try experimenting with the settings for this layout for even better results.

Layouts can be useful when new data is incorporated into the chart. You can rerun a layout on the whole chart to analyze what effect the new information has on the chart.

Note: After you manually arrange chart items for presentation, if you run a layout you will lose your changes.