Map chart items in i2 Esri

To analyze Analyst's Notebook chart items that contain location data, you can visualize them on map surfaces in the i2 Esri Maps window.

You can connect to Esri ArcGIS Online and select any publicly available map in the Basemap Gallery. Alternatively, you might configure Analyst's Notebook to connect to your own internal Esri Portal for ArcGIS.

Chart items that contain location information in the form of coordinates can be displayed on the map. For example, you might decide to map chart items if you are investigating information about events that occurred in a particular location or set of locations.

Access the i2 Esri Maps feature from the Analyze tab of the ribbon in the Gain Insight group. Select i2 Esri Maps from the Map Provider list, then click Maps. The i2 Esri Maps window opens and Analyst's Notebook automatically displays the map.
Note: You must have an internet connection to connect to Esri ArcGIS Online and access the publicly available maps.