Creating i2 Analyze links

i2 Analyze links store their important information in records. To create links that contain records, drag your selection from the Information Store palette and enter property values in the Record Inspector.

In a chart, the first time that you connect to the Information Store, a new palette is created that contains all of the types in your Information Store.

When you create a link that has one of these types, an i2 Analyze record is created in the item. You can enter values for some or all of the record properties, and you must enter values for mandatory properties.

To create an i2 Analyze link, the entities that you connect must contain i2 Analyze records, and the link type that you use must be permitted between the two entities according to the rules of the Information Store. For example, it might be permitted to connect two people by an association link but not by an owner link.

When a chart item contains multiple i2 Analyze records, such as when two i2 Analyze entities are merged, one of the records is assigned to be the lead record. When you create an i2 Analyze link that is connected to an i2 Analyze entity, the link record is connected to the entity's lead record.

  1. Ensure that the Information Store palette is displayed. This palette contains the link types that correspond to the types in your Information Store.

    If the Insert from Palette pane is not visible, click the Home tab, and then click Insert from Palette. If there is more than one palette, you can select the Information Store palette from the palettes list at the top of the link section of the pane.

  2. If either of the entities that you want to connect contains multiple i2 Analyze records, ensure that the appropriate record is assigned as the lead record in each entity before you create your link. To assign a new lead record:
    1. Double-click the entity to display its records in the Record Inspector.
    2. Select the record to assign as the lead record in the list view.
    3. Click More actions (More actions) > Set as lead .
      The lead record is changed. As a result, the label and the icon on the chart might also change.
  3. In the palette, click the link type that you want to create, then drag between the two entities that you want to link.
    Note: If you try to create a link that is not valid between the two entities, you are prompted with a list of valid link types to select from.
    The Record Inspector displays the record that you created. The properties that are initially displayed correspond to the following property types from the Information Store:
    • Properties whose values are used in the record label
    • Mandatory properties
    • Link direction
  4. Enter values on the Properties page of the Record Inspector.
    You can enter values for properties that are not listed by using the plus button on the Properties page. As you create further links, the Record Inspector remembers which properties you typically use.
  5. Optional: To create a duplicate link, select the target link on the chart. On the Ribbon menu, click Copy > Duplicate, from the Home tab or right-click on the selected entity and choose Duplicate from the screen menu.

When you save your chart, the i2 Analyze link that you created is saved.

When you are ready to share information, you can upload the records that you create to the Information Store.