Printing to PDF

You can print a chart as a PDF document. To protect the document, you can set PDF security options.

  1. Optional: Set security options for the PDF document.
  2. To print the chart as PDF, click the Publish tab, and then in the Print group, click the arrow below Print to PDF. In the menu, click Print to PDF.
    The Save As window opens.
  3. In the Save As window, navigate to the directory in which you want to save the file.
  4. In the File name box, enter a name for the file to be saved.
  5. Click Save. Analyst's Notebook saves the PDF file, then displays options for next steps.
    Note: If you specified any passwords, you are asked to confirm those passwords in the Confirm Passwords window.
  6. Select the next steps, then click OK.
    For example, you can open the PDF file.