Creating a chart

A new Analyst's Notebook chart is based on a template. When you create a chart, you can choose between the standard template and other templates.

A template provides entity types, link types, and attribute classes for you to use in your chart. A template also contains preset values for chart settings such as background color, page setup, and default item style.

The standard template contains a wide range of item types and attribute classes, and is suitable for general use. When you start Analyst's Notebook, it automatically creates a blank chart that is based on the standard template. To make the template more suitable for your needs, you can customize it.

Other templates can provide a smaller or more specialized set of item types and attribute classes that are appropriate to a specific domain. To ensure that a specific logo or box of standard text is present on charts, you can use a template that includes them as items on the charting surface.

  • To create a chart that is based on the standard template, click File > New > New Standard Chart.
  • To create a chart that is based on a different template:
    1. Click File > New > New from Template.
      The New From Template window opens.
    2. In the Create a area, click Chart.
    3. In the Based on area, select a template from the list. To use a template that is not in the list, click Browse, locate then select the template, then click Open.
      Note: To create a chart that contains no entity types, link types, or attribute classes, select Empty Template from the list.
    4. Click OK.
      Analyst's Notebook creates a chart that is based on the chosen template.