Changing the scale

When items are added to the Activity View, the linear scale is determined by the earliest and latest times that are detected. Changing the scale allows specific periods of the view to be investigated in more detail.

Zoom into and out from the Activity View timeline to analyze activity data at different resolutions.

The timeline is affected by the properties that you select to generate activity indicators. Ensure that you select the required properties before you change the scale. For example, if you are investigating specific events that relate to people, you might choose to clear the properties that contain their date of birth and date of death. Otherwise, these properties might affect the earliest and latest times on the timeline.

To change the timeline scale:
  1. Click the Analyze tab, and then in the Gain Insight group, click Activity View.
    The Activity View opens.
  2. In the Scale list, select one of the following linear scale values:
    • Milliseconds
    • Seconds
    • Minutes
    • Hours
    • Days
    • Months
    • Years
    Tip: You can also change the scale by clicking in the timeline header and then by using the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
The view is redrawn to use the selected scale. If the scale is such that all the activity indicators no longer fit in the view, a horizontal scroll bar is added to aid navigation.