Formatting progress

When a Conditional Formatting Specification is running, a progress window will be displayed. You can see reports about the various stages of the conditional formatting process, including any errors that occur.

Formatting started

As soon as the formatting starts, information about the formatting start time and current rule is displayed. During this stage, you can stop the formatting process by clicking Cancel.

Error or errors occurred

If errors occur, formatting will be stopped and additional details will be displayed. For example, an error occurs if a rule is based on an attribute class or record value of one data type, but you try to apply it to a chart that has an attribute class or record value with the same name but a different data type.

If you encounter errors, edit the specification in the Edit Conditional Formatting Specification window before rerunning the specification.
Note: Any formatting changes that result from rules that were processed before the error occurred, are applied to the chart.

Formatting completed

The end of the formatting process. A message is displayed to show the formatting end time, total formatting time, and the number of entities and links that were formatted. Any formatting changes are applied to the chart after the last rule in the specification is processed. Click Close to close the window.