Setting display properties

When items are displayed on a chart surface, you can determine which properties to display. This allows you to include key information of interest to your investigation.


To set display properties:
  1. Right-click an item, and select Edit Item Properties.
    The Edit window is shown.
  2. Select Style > Display.
  3. Select the options to use when items are shown:
    • Select Default to select the default display options.
    • Select Clear All to clear the display options.
  4. Select how the date is shown in the "Displayed Date & Time" area. You can choose either:
    Description Shows the description of date and time that is entered in the Date & Time page.
    Formatted Formats how the date and time that is entered in the Date & Time page is shown. Select a format from the list. When the item has a date and time, a preview of how the date and time is shown in the Preview box.
  5. Optional: Select Wrap Text and set a value to use when you wrap text.
  6. Optional: Select Set Default Style to use the current settings as the default for the link or particular entity representation.
  7. Click OK.