Resetting style

Reset modified chart items to their default style and appearance by using the Reset Style option.

About this task

You might decide that changes to the style of items are no longer needed and you want to reset their appearance to the default style specified by the chart. When you reset items, you remove all the changes whether they are manually applied, modified by live formatting, or conditional formatting specifications. The option to reset the style is available when you select one or more items on the chart surface.


  1. Select the item or items that you want to change.
  2. Click the Style tab of the ribbon, and then click Reset Style.
    The style of the selected items changes instantly. For example, if you select a Person entity that is larger than Person entities specified by the chart, the size decreases to match the default size.
    Note: You can undo and redo your actions from the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the screen.