Creating property group types

Property groups are used to group related properties within the schema. You can create property group types to group the property types that you consider to be similar.

When you group related properties as part of your schema design, it makes them easier to view and manage for schema maintainers. Property groups are not available in Information Store or i2 Connect schemas.
To create a property group type:
  1. To add a property group type to your selected item type, click Insert > New Property Group Type. You now have a property group type. To configure the property group type, complete the following fields. Repeat this step for each property group type that you add to an item:
    Name The name is used to identify your property type in the schema and Schema Designer window. It has no size or content limitations, however you might want to keep it short as it can be used as a column header in results grids.
    Description This field is used to store a description of the property group type that might be useful to schema maintainers.
    Is Mandatory Select this option to ensure that at least one property within the property group is populated for an item.
  2. Optional: Click Is Mandatory if you want to make the property group type mandatory.
Your property group type is created.