Creating property types

Property types allow you to classify the data that relates to a particular item type. Create a property type for each aspect of the data that you would like to be able to analyze.

To create a property type:
  1. To insert a property type into an item type, in the Schema Designer window, click Insert > New Property Type. You now have a property type. To configure the property type, complete the following fields. Repeat this step for each property type that you add to your item type:
    <note>Property types can be added both within existing property group types, or as stand-alone property types.</note>
    Name The name is used to identify your property type in the schema and Schema Designer window. It has no size or content limitations, however you might want to keep it short as it can be used as a column header in results grids.
    Description This field is used to store the hover help associated with the property type.
    Semantic Type Indicates the semantic type of the property.
    Logical Type The type of data that is stored in the property type and must be defined.
    Is Mandatory Select this option to ensure that an item includes at least one value for this property.
  2. Optional: Click Is Mandatory if you want to make the property type mandatory.
Your property type is created. The property type can be integrated into a labeling scheme, graded, and also mapped to chart item property types in a charting scheme.