Creating link types

You can create link types to define the structure for describing the relationships between entities. Link types are similar to entity types in that they contain property types.

Link types represent the possible different types of relationships that you would like to investigate between entities in your system. As such you must define the types of entity that can support each type of link.

For example, an Owner link type can create links between People, Organizations, Property, and Vehicle entities.

To create a link type:
  1. In the Schema Designer window, click Insert > New link Type.
    The link type has a default name, empty description field, and an ID that cannot be configured.
  2. Enter a name and description for your link type.
  3. Assign a suitable semantic type that sufficiently defines the link type.
  4. Create property types for the link type.
  5. Selecting link type end constraints is necessary to identify the possible entity types at the link's end. They are also used to create context for a search command.
    1. Open the Link Ends tab for the selected link. All the entity types that are stored in the schema display in both the From End Types and To End Types lists.
    2. Select the entity types that apply to each end of the link.
      Your link end constraints are specified for your link type.
Your link type is successfully created with the specifications for its property types, semantic type, and link end constraints.