Changing the grading scheme

You can grade your properties in i2 Analyze to indicate the level of confidence you have in property values. You can create and configure grade types within a grading scheme.

Different organizations have different grading systems, and so you can create and configure new grade types, with custom grading values. Default grading types can be configured to an organization's requirements. For example, the UK law enforcement uses the following grading model:
Source evaluation
  • A - Always reliable
  • B - Mostly reliable
  • C - Sometimes reliable
  • D - Unreliable
  • E - Untested source
Intelligence evaluation
  • 1 - Known to be true without reservation
  • 2 - Known personally to source but not to officer
  • 3 - Not personally known to source but corroborated
  • 4 - Cannot be judged
  • 5 - Suspected to be false or malicious
Handling code
  • 1 - Can be disseminated to other law enforcement and prosecuting agencies, including law enforcement agencies within the EEA, and EU compatible (no special conditions)
  • 2 - Can be disseminated to UK non-prosecuting parties (authorization and records needed)
  • 3 - Can be disseminated to non-EEA law enforcement agencies (special conditions apply)
  • 4 - Can be disseminated within the originating agency only
  • 5 - No further dissemination: refer to the originator. Special handling requirements that are imposed by the officer who authorized collection
To change the grading scheme:
  1. After you select Grade Types in the navigation tree in the Schema Designer application window, click Insert > New Grade Type.
    The new grade type is added to the Grade Types list on the left.
  2. Enter a Name and a Description to identify the grade type.
  3. For each grade value, enter a Grade Value and click Add.
  4. Optional: Use the arrow buttons to change the order in which the grade values are displayed.
  5. Optional: With a grade value selected, click Remove to delete the value.
  6. Optional: Select the Mandatory check box to force users to select a value for this grade type when you enter data.
Your grading scheme is successfully modified.