Understanding i2 Analyze

i2® Analyze is an integrated set of secure services and stores that provide search, analysis, and storage of intelligence data to authorized users. It presents these functions through the web and desktop applications that connect to it.

When deployed with all components active, i2 Analyze provides key features to its users:

  • A structured store for intelligence data with services that enable bulk and targeted create, retrieve, update, and delete operations.
  • An extensible framework for connecting to and retrieving intelligence data from sources external to the platform.
  • A searchable store for Analyst's Notebook charts that analysts can use for remote storage, and for sharing work with their peers.
  • A pervasive data model that is optimized for exploring and visualizing the relationships between records.
  • A security model and architecture that together ensure the security of data in motion and at rest.

i2 Analyze enables these features through a range of technologies:

  • The i2 Analyze services are deployed in an application on a WebSphere Liberty application server.
  • Searching and returning results from intelligence data uses the Apache Solr search index platform.
  • The stores for intelligence data and Analyst's Notebook charts are created in a database management system.

The precise feature set of a particular deployment of i2 Analyze depends on the components that you decide to include, which depends in turn on the i2 software that you use it with. The different components of i2 Analyze are subject to licensing agreements.