Creating charting schemes

You can create charting schemes to determine how items that are stored in i2 Analyze are mapped to Analyst's Notebook Premium items. The representation of your data depends on how your accurately your schema and charting scheme is configured.

If you use the Schema Designer to create a new charting scheme from an existing schema, it is populated with 4 charting schemes. Each charting scheme contains mappings for all the item types from that schema. Within the entity and link type entries, there is a default entry.

You can configure the default entry for entity and link types. To apply your default entry to the item types in your schema, they all must have property types with the same name. The default configurations are used unless a type-specific mapping exists. For example, if your Default entry is configured and a specific Person type mapping is inserted, then your Account uses Default, and Person uses Person.

You can choose to create data records on the mapped chart items. The data records contain the information in the i2 Analyze item, regardless of whether it is mapped or not. You can also choose to include property gradings in the data record.

To create or edit a charting scheme:
  1. In the Schema Designer window, click File > Edit Charting Schemes.

    If your current schema has no associated charting schemes, a window opens with four default charting schemes in a navigation tree. If your schema has charting schemes that are associated with it, a window opens with the charting schemes in the navigation tree.

    In the Edit Charting Scheme window you can create, delete, and edit charting schemes.

  2. When you are finished creating, deleting, or editing charting schemes, you can click OK to save your changes. Alternatively, you can click Cancel if you do not want to save any creations or changes.