Copying mappings

At any level in the charting scheme tree structure, you can copy the specifications of a mapping or collection of mappings to another charting scheme. You can duplicate a whole charting scheme but there might be situations when you want to copy only certain definitions in a charting scheme.

If you want to copy an element from one charting scheme to another:
  1. Select the element in the tree view that you want to copy.
  2. Click Copy to.
    The Copy To window is shown.
  3. Select the check boxes for the charting schemes that you want to copy the element to and click OK.
    Note: When you copy an element, the Copy to window indicates whether a definition exists in the target scheme for the entry you want to copy. Any existing definition in the selected charting scheme is overwritten.
If you want to duplicate a charting scheme:
  1. Select the charting scheme that you want to duplicate, and click Duplicate.
    Your charting scheme is successfully duplicated and appears in the navigation tree with the prefix 'Copy'.
The definitions that are contained in the selected entry in the tree structure and all its child entries are copied to the selected charting scheme. For example, if you select Entity Types in the tree structure and click Copy to, all of the property and attribute mappings are also copied.