Charting scheme validation

When you create or edit any charting scheme in Schema Designer, it is validated upon creation or when edited. Charting schemes that are not created within Schema Designer might contain invalid information that does not coincide with the configuration of your schema.

When you open a charting scheme that is not created in the Schema Designer, the following validation checks occur:

  • Whether the external charting scheme's underlying XML is valid.
  • Whether the XML has definitions that match the definitions that are found in the schema. If the definitions are different, a log of errors appears and prevents the external charting scheme from opening. The charting scheme can open when the prompted errors are corrected.
  • Whether the logical types that are in the defined in the charting scheme match the logical types that are specified in the schema. If the definitions do not match and you attempt to open the charting scheme, the charting scheme opens with a log of errors. For the charting scheme to function properly, you must correct the errors that are mentioned in the log.