Installing the Oracle 9i/10g client

Each computer that uses iBridge to connect to an Oracle database server needs various Oracle client components as well as iBridge. If you do not need the Oracle components for any application apart from iBridge, you may want to minimize the size of the Oracle client install.

The Oracle 9i/10g Client installation disk offers you three options, each requiring a different amount of disk space:
  • Administrator
  • Runtime
  • Custom
It is possible to reduce the storage space to approximately 300MB by careful selection of the custom options. If you choose this option ensure that you have at least the following:
  • Oracle Call Interface (OCI)
  • Oracle Provider for OLE DB
  • Oracle Net Services
  • Oracle Universal Installer
You will then need to define a configuration using the Oracle Net Configuration Assistant. Refer to the Oracle documentation as this is not covered by this document. If you encounter any problems connecting to your Oracle database, contact your Database Administrator.