Setting folder object access

Folder objects can be set so that only a restricted set of users can access them. You can set the access level on individual objects, or a selection.


  1. When you modify multiple folder objects that currently have different access restrictions, you need to select Change Access before you can modify the access restrictions.
  2. Select the type of access to apply:
    Option Description
    Public Any user can access the folder objects.
    Private Only the person who flagged the folder object as private and the system administrator can see it. For example, unless you are logged on as a system administrator, private import specifications belonging to others will not appear in the All Import Specifications folder.
    Note: If you are a member of a folder object control group, membership of this group may prevent you from setting the access on folder objects to private. Access to the object will always be set to the folder object group. For detailed information, see below About folder object control groups.
    Restricted to groups Only users who are in the specified groups can see these folder objects.

    With Restricted to groups selected, check the Folder Object Control groups that you want to have access. You only see the Folder Object Control groups of which you are a member.