Category defaults

The default category to use, access level and whether to select the default automatically or prompt are store in the iBase options. You define the default behavior for categories by selecting Tools > Feature Availability > Options.

Option Description
Default Category Name To avoid the need to reselect a different category each time, you can set a default category. A category with this name does not have to exist. In the Default Category Name box, enter the default name to use.
Default to 'Public' access Access to a folder object in a category can be public, private to the user who flagged it as private, or restricted to members of a folder object control group. Private folder objects cannot be listed or viewed by any other user (apart from the system administrator).
To set the default access type for any new folder objects that are created:
  • Turn on - new folder objects are public by default (overrides any membership of folder object control groups to which you belong).
  • Turn off - new folder objects are private by default, or default to the folder object control group to which you belong.
    Note: If you belong to several folder object control groups, you are prompted to select an access type.
Prompt for category when saving folder objects Folder objects are always saved in a category. However, you can choose whether to use the defaults, or select the category and set the access type before saving the object:
  • Turn on to select the category and access type each time a folder object is saved.
  • Turn off to automatically save folder objects in the default category with the default access type where possible.