Saving into a category

Folder objects can be stored in existing categories, or into categories that you define when the items is saved.


To save an item to a category:
  1. When editing a folder object, click Save.
    You are prompted for the item name.

    If you are not prompted to select a category after clicking Save, then you cannot change the category. You can, however, change it later.

  2. Enter the name for the item, which must be unique to the database, and then click OK.
    The default category is displayed in the Selected Category box. If the default category is empty, (does not exist yet) is displayed.
  3. Optional: Select a different category in which to save the item. The category name is displayed in the Selected Category box.
    Tip: To create a new category, simply enter the names of the categories you want, separated with a backslash (\). For example: Operation Crest\Unit B\Vehicle Owners. In this example, the category Unit B will be created for you if it does not yet exist.
  4. Optional: Restrict who can access the item by clicking Restricted to groups and then selecting the groups who can access the item.
  5. Click OK.