Managing queries

A list of all the queries in a category can be displayed. Categories are represented in a hierarchy that you can expand and collapse.

The list displays information on when the queries were created and updated, who created and updated them. You can sort the queries by clicking the required column heading.

To administer the queries for your database, right-click on a query and then select:

Open To run or edit the selected query.
Rename To rename the query. Only available when a single query is selected.
Save As To save a copy of the selected query under a new name. The name must be unique not just to the category but to the whole database.
Delete To delete one or more selected queries. You are prompted to confirm the deletion.
Categorize To move one or more selected queries, which can be in different categories, to another category, and set access control on them.
Properties Show properties of the query, such as its creation date and user. Only available when a single query is selected.