A set is a user-specified collection of records, possibly of different entity and link types. Entities and links can belong to more than one set, you can use Set Membership to find out which sets a record belongs to.

You might want to use sets to:
  • Keep the entities found as the result of a query together as a group.
  • Analyze only those records that were imported together.
  • Define a group of records that you want to add to a chart.
  • Group records together on a temporary basis; later you can analyze the set, or combine it with other sets to form new groupings.
  • Analyze deleted records (only possible if with Soft Delete).
You can create sets by:
  • Adding records to an existing set or to a new one.
  • Adding items on an Analyst's Notebook chart to an existing set or to a new one.
  • Combining two sets to form a new one.

Sets are folder items that can be saved and stored in categories.

Note: The set does not store the details of the entities and links that it includes. The detailed information is always that which is current when the entity or link is shown.
Note: When you delete a set, you do not delete the individual records, you delete the definition of the set. Sets are automatically updated when you delete records. However, empty sets are not deleted when the last record is deleted from it.