Managing sets

The sets that are already in a database are organized into categories, and can be restricted using access control. You can manage the sets you have access to.

About this task

You can manage the sets in the database by using the options on the right-click menu, and you can also work with the records in an open set by selecting actions from the right-click menu.


  1. Select Sets > All Sets > Category to list the sets in the category.
  2. Select a set in the list, right-click and select:
    Open Lists the records in the set.
    Rename Enter a new name for the set.
    Save As Save a copy of the set under a new name.
    Delete Delete the set.
    Categorize Move the set to other categories or set access control on them.
    Properties Show the properties of the set, such as its creation date, user, and access type.
    Records Lists the records in the set. There is a separate page for each entity and link type in the set. Click Refresh if you add or remove records in the set.
    Note: You can delete or categorize multiple sets in the same action, by selecting multiple sets before right-clicking.
  3. With an open set, you can:
    Add Add records to the set.
    Remove Remove records from the set
    Save Save your changes
    Save As Create a copy of the set with a different name
    Tip: With two sets open, you can also drag records between sets.