Analyzing sets

You can find the links and entities that are common or uncommon to a group of sets. Looking for items in common provides information that might otherwise be overlooked.

About this task

If you have sets that contain information that is related, you can find records that match all of those criteria. For example, if you have sets of people:
  • With connections to Boston
  • Connected with the crime of arson
  • Drivers of BMW cars
You can generate a list of all the records that share all three characteristics to provide suspects in an arson investigation.


To analyze sets:
  1. In a list of sets, select the sets to analyze, right-click and select Analyze.
  2. In the Analysis Type area, select:
    • Common Records- find records that are in all the sets.
    • Uncommon Records - find records that are not in all the sets.
  3. Optional: Change the list of sets to analyze by clicking Add and Remove.
  4. Click Results to find the common or uncommon records.
  5. To work on the records in the results list, select one or more records, then right-click and select an action.