Report definitions

The report definition list displays creation and update information. You can sort the report definitions by clicking the required column heading.

To add a report definition, click New.

To administer the report definitions for your database, right-click on a definition and then select:

Open To edit the selected report definition; you can also double-click the definition.
Rename To rename the selected report definition. If this report definition is set as the default for an entity type, then it remains the default even after you rename it.
Save As

To save a copy of the selected report definition under a new name. The name must be unique not just to the category folder but to the whole database.

Note: Saving a copy of a report definition that is set as the default for its entity type results in two defaults. The first report definition (in alphabetical order) is used. Therefore, you may want to turn off the Default report definition for this entity checkbox.
Delete To delete one or more selected report definitions. There is no warning if you delete a default report definition.
Categorize To move one or more selected report definitions, which might be in different categories, to another category, or set access controls on them.
Properties Show 'system' type properties of the report definition, such as the date it was created and the name of the user who created it. Only available when a single report definition is selected.
Note: You can also list, and work with, report definitions in the Database Explorer detail window.