Link reports

Link reports are reports that are able to be sorted by using link fields, and can include the information that is entered on either linked entity. The difference between a link report and a standard report is that although standard report can include links, the report cannot be sorted by fields that are placed on the link.

As a default, link reporting is not turned on, but can be initialized by a database administrator if required.

Initializing the database for Link Reports

To Initialize the database for link reports, select Tools > Initialize Database for Link Reports.

  • You must be logged in with an Administrator account to initialize the database for link reports.
  • When the reports are enabled, Initialize Database for Link Reports is longer displayed under Tools.
  • Link reports are supported on all database types.

Managing Link Report Definitions

The report definition list displays information on when the report definitions were created and updated. You can sort the report definitions by clicking the required column heading.

To add a report definition, click New.

To administer the report definitions for your database, right-click on a definition and then select one of the following options from the menu:

Option Description
Open To edit the selected report definition; you can also double-click on the definition.
Rename To rename the selected report definition.
Save As To save a copy of the selected report definition under a new name. The name must be unique not just to the category folder but to the whole database.
Delete To delete one or more selected report definitions.
Categorize To move one or more selected report definitions, which might be in different categories, to another category, or set access controls on them.
Properties Show 'system' type properties of the report definition, such as the date it was created and the name of the user who created it. Only available when a single report definition is selected.
Note: You can also list, and work with, report definitions in the Database Explorer detail window; the lower half of the Database Explorer.