Exporting data as XML

You can export data to and from an XML file by using the iBase XML schema. The iBase XML schema describes the structure of your database.

About this task

There are two types of XML schema that can be used to export data:

  • iBase specific schema - Allows database subsets to be exported. These subsets can contain any combination of entity or link types. Allows a single entity or link type to be imported from an XML file.
  • MS Rowset schema - Allows a single entity or link type to be imported or exported as an XML file that contains the schema information. The exporting of database subsets (which can contain multiple entity or link types) is not supported.

The iBase XML schema is designed to correspond to the entities and links in your database and can be viewed by generating an XSD file from iBase Designer.

Use the iBase XML schema instead of the MS Rowset schema because an XSD file that describes the iBase XML schema can be generated using iBase Designer. The XSD file can be used to share XML information with 3rd parties and internally within your organization.

When exporting using an iBase XML schema, you can select the data to export using queries and sets and save the selection as a database subset definition. You base the export on this definition. This feature is not available when exporting to MS Rowset schema.

There are some restrictions on using an iBase XML schema:

  • The database supports Unicode - to find out whether Unicode characters are supported, select File > Properties > Database Properties. The Use Unicode Data types checkbox is turned on if Unicode characters are supported.
  • The database is initialized for database subsets - there is a folder for database subset definitions in the Database Explorer if the database has been initialized.
  • You have selected the data to export by defining a database subset definition.
  • You cannot export pictures or documents to XML using the iBase XML schema.
  • When you export records from a case, the case name is exported as the SC code.


  1. Select File > Data > Export Data to XML > Create XML File.
  2. Browse for the folder where the XML file will be created.
  3. Browse for the database subset definition that defines the records you want to export.
  4. Click Export.