Exporting using an existing specification

You might need to share data with others, by exporting the data to a file that can then be imported into another application or into a different iBase database. The type of data to export is defined in an export specification. There is one export specification for each entity and link type that is involved in the export.


  1. In the Database Explorer view, right-click Export Specifications and select List.
  2. Load the required export specification.
  3. Click Next to review the contents of the export specification:
    1. Step 1, which entity or link type is exported.
    2. Step 2, the format of the export file, and in particular how dates, times, and numbers are handled.
    3. Step 3, which fields for the entity or link type are exported.
  4. If the definition of the export specification is appropriate, select the data to export:
    • All Records - all records of the entity or link type are exported.
    • Query - the results of a query are exported.
    • Set - records that are contained in a set are exported.
  5. Click Run. The number of records that are exported is displayed.
    Tip: You can then click Back to go back and export more data with the same export specification, for example from a different set or query.