Exporting to Microsoft Excel

You may want to disseminate information from your database to colleagues who do not themselves have a database application, however they will often have access to Microsoft™ Excel.


To export data to Microsoft Excel:
  1. Select File > Data > Export Data to Excel.
  2. Select an entity or link type from the list.
  3. Specify which records to export.
  4. In the Fields to Export area, turn on the checkboxes next to the fields that you want to export, turn off the check boxes of fields that you do not want to export.
  5. In the Totaling Functions area, turn on the check box next to the Microsoft Excel function that you want to apply to the data. The functions only apply to numerical fields. The functions are:
    FunctionFor each number field returns... Microsoft Excel function
    Lowest The lowest value MIN
    HighestThe highest valueMAX
    AverageThe average valueAVERAGE
    Sum ofA totalSUM
    Standard deviationThe standard deviationSTDEV
    ModeThe most frequently occurring valueMODE
  6. Click Export.