Creating a case-controlled database

You can create a new case-controlled database. This is similar to creating a standard database.

About this task

In the Create New Database dialog:


  1. In iBase Designer, select File > New Database.
  2. On the Configuration page, select SQL Server as the database type.
  3. On the Advanced page, select Case Control.
    This option is not available in the following situations:
    • If you also select a database template that uses SCC control - you must to create the database first and then convert it to case control later (before any records are entered).
    • If iBase database replication is installed on the machine.
    Note: After you create the database, you are not able to select the Standard (SCC) Control option, on the Advanced page of the Database Properties, which would allow the use of security classification (SC) codes. It is not possible to create a case-controlled database from a template that uses standard (SCC) control and vice versa. A template always inherits this setting from the database used to create it.