Create databases

You can create different types of iBase database for operational use.

The different types of database include:
  • Empty databases without any schema. You must define the schema, or copy and paste it from another database.
  • Databases that use the schema of another database (the new database is based on a database template). You can add to the schema, or modify and delete the objects in it.
  • Databases that partition their data by case. A database of this type must contain a minimum of one case and the only access to the data is through the case or cases to which the user is assigned. See What is case control?.
The database is either MS Access or SQL Server:
  • Microsoft™ Access databases offer most of the database features of iBase and creating each database is simpler. However, they are only suitable for small amounts of data (up to 2 Gb) and small numbers of simultaneous users (up to 5 or 6). For more information, see Before Creating a Database.
  • SQL Server databases are more suitable for large databases with large numbers of simultaneous users. They also provide additional features.