Database subsets

A database subset is a portion of records in the database that are copied into a separate database. This collection of records are selected by creating a database subset definition that consists of the results of queries and sets.

You might want to create a database subset for a number of reasons:
Creating an environment that matches your current production environment for testing or training.
Adding a smaller amount of real data from a production environment lets you test changes to the database, or train users in as close to the production environment as possible.
Working with a set of data that relates to a specific department or organization.
By creating an environment that only contains specified data allows sanctioned data to be shared.
A database subset can be created from a query at any time, unlike the information in a case, that is assigned as the data is added.
To create a database subset:
  1. Define the records to include using a subset definition.
  2. Create the database subset in either Microsoft™ Access or SQL Server.
The database subset can then be used independently, and if required, you can synchronize any changes with the original database.