Entities and links contain properties, which are used to store information about that entity or link. Selecting the correct type of property to store information is essential for both visualization and analysis.

Properties can describe the following characteristics of a chart item:
  • Information that is known about the chart item such as its label and description.
  • Provenance details, such as the source or reliability of the chart item or of an individual piece of information.
  • Settings to do with how the chart item is displayed such as line strength, fill color, and other visible elements.
Information about an item might come from multiple sources, such as databases, witness statements, or external documents. This information can be stored in cards, attributes, or when it comes from a connected data source, in data records.
Note: By default, only the item label is displayed on the chart surface. Apart from information that is held on cards or data records, all other properties can be selected for display.