Matching records on the chart

When you copy a record from an external data source that matches with a record on your chart, Analyst's Notebook updates the chart record with incoming data instead of creating a duplicate record. This is a useful way to improve the quality of your data, as you can enrich your records with information from other sources and manage unnecessary duplication.

About this task

When you run a search query against an external data source, some of the returned records might match with the records on your chart. Record matching updates the data in both analyst and system-governed records. Analyst-governed records are those created and uploaded by Analysts, whereas system-governed records are ingested into the Information Store automatically and are read-only.

Record matching does not change record properties, it changes property values. For example, you create a person record for Sam Steele on your chart. You add property values for Sam's age and hair color, which is brown. You then run an external search query that finds a match with a record for Sam Steele. The incoming record has no property value entered for age and hair color is black. Analyst's Notebook updates your chart record with all the data from the incoming record, including changing hair color to black. Existing values on your chart record are maintained when the incoming record has blank properties. Updates for analyst-governed records can include security settings, source references, and source identifiers. Record matching can update source references and source identifiers for system-governed records, but does not change the security settings.

Note: Blank property values are not reported as matches.


  1. On the Home tab of the ribbon, click External Searches and run your search query.
  2. Select the records you want to copy to the chart.
    The Copying records to charts message is displayed. If matches are found, the Matches Found Dialog is displayed.
  3. The number of system-governed and analyst-governed records with matches are reported in the Matches Found Dialog. You can choose to cancel the operation or continue.


If you choose to copy the matched records found in your external search, your chart records are updated with data from the matching external records.