Listing records

When you use List Records, you can view the properties of all chart items that contain data records in a table view.

About this task

The List Records feature in Analyst's Notebook gives you greater flexibility when it comes to exploring the property values of data records. The ability to view, sort and filter records and their properties in a table layout is useful for quick comparisons, and saves you the time of clicking through each record in the Record Inspector. From the List Records view, you can also change the selected record to another, and copy property values to the clipboard.


  1. Select a record, or multiple records on the chart.
  2. Click List Records from the record bar or from the Analyze tab on the ribbon.
    The List Records window opens. If no filters are applied, the record types and counts are listed. Selected records are shown as a subset of the total. For example, if you have 85 Person records on the chart and you select 27 of them, you see Person 27 / 85. The number "27" is coloured blue to indicate the selected records count.
  3. Click a filter, such as Person. The Person records are displayed in a table view. Selected records gain an orange dot next to the Person icon. You can filter the records further depending on the secondary filter options available, for example Selected or Unselected.
  4. You can sort the rows to three levels using the drop-down menus. For example, if you sorted your person records by Gender, you could further sort those groups by Date of Birth. The available sorting options reflect the column headings in your table. Click the column heading to reverse the order, and click again to deselect column sorting. You can also sort a column by clicking on the column heading, for example clicking on Family Name sorts the column alphabetically and places Family Name as the option in your Sort rows by field.
  5. Click any value in the table view to move to the corresponding record on the chart.
  6. Use the search field above the table columns to find text in any column. Matching text is highlighted in the table.
  7. Use Chart Item Selection options to:
    1. Select or deselect records on the chart.
    2. Replace the records selected on the chart with those rows selected in the table.
    3. Extend the selection to include links and link ends on the chart for entity records, or add both end records to selected links.
  8. Use Copy as Text to copy all or parts of the table to the clipboard. Click Advanced options to see the Copy as Text Options. Use these settings to customize the parts of the table you want to include or exclude. You can also specify whether to replace new lines and tabs with spaces or alternative characters.