Managing user palettes

User palettes are used to group item types and attribute classes. You can modify existing user palettes or add new ones to match the type of data you work with.

About this task

The default user palettes contain types and attributes that are commonly used in particular kinds of investigation. For example, the finance palette contains all the relevant entity and link types that might be used in a financial investigation. You can quickly choose the required type from the limited set in the palette.

You can create a user palette and assign all the relevant entity and link types to this palette.


To manage user palettes:
  1. Click File, point to Chart Properties, and then click User Palettes. The User Palettes window opens. This window shows the name of the user palette, and whether it contains:
    • Entity types
    • Link types
    • Attribute classes
    • Attribute entries
  2. Modify a user palette in one of the following ways:
    New Creates a user palette.
    Duplicate Creates a copy of the user palette that is selected. A copy of this palette is created which includes all assigned item types, attribute classes, and attribute entries.
    Rename Rename a user palette. Double-click the name of a user palette to rename it.
    Delete Deletes the user palette.
    Note: When you delete a user palette, you do not delete the entity types, link types, or attributes that belong to that palette. A user palette just displays a subset of the types and attributes that the chart contains.
  3. Click OK.