Keyboard shortcuts

Analyst's Notebook provides a set of default keyboard shortcuts for performing common tasks. You can use the shortcuts to reduce the time you spend navigating the ribbon.

The shortcuts in Analyst's Notebook are:

Key Command
F1 Opens Help contents window
F2 Rename the selected chart item
F3 Find next text
F4, Ctrl+F Find text
Ctrl+F4 Close the current chart
Alt+F4 Exit Analyst's Notebook
F5 Visual Search
F6 Go to the next pane of a split window
Shift+F6 Go to the previous pane of a split window
Ctrl+Shift+F6 Go to the previous window of the current chart
F7 Check spelling
F8 Full Screen mode
F10 Display ribbon keytips
F11 List items
Ctrl+N New standard chart
Ctrl+Shift+N New from template
Ctrl+O Open chart
Ctrl+P Print chart
Ctrl+S Save chart
Ctrl+T Next snapshot
Ctrl+Shift+T Previous snapshot
Alt+Enter View properties of selected chart items
Page Up Zoom in
Page Down Zoom out
Right arrow Pan right
Left arrow Pan left
Up arrow Pan up
Down arrow Pan down
Shift+right arrow Page right
Shift+left arrow Page left
Shift+up arrow Page up
Shift+down arrow Page down
End Fit chart in window
Shift+End Fit height in window
Ctrl+End Fit selection in window
Home View at actual size
Ctrl+Tab, Ctrl+F6 Go to the next window
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Go to the previous window
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy with connections
Ctrl+D Duplicate
Ctrl+V Paste
0-9 Select members of set (0 - 9)
Ctrl+0-9 Define selection set (0 - 9) as the currently selected items
Ctrl+Alt+0-9 Add current selection to set (0 - 9)
Shift+0-9 Add members of set (0-9) to the selection