Adding items

You can add entities and links to your chart. The items on your chart represent real-world objects and relationships.

About this task

The user palette drop-down lists show your current palette at the top, other available palettes, and items such as People, Crime, Documents, Finance and so on. You also have the option to filter the Entities, Links, and Attributes displayed. Choose from Recently Used, Most Popular and Currently on Chart. The Links and Attributes menu gain an additional 'Relevant to Selection' option. When you select an entity and choose 'Relevant to Selection', all the palettes that the selected type appears in are listed, with the exception of the Common palette.


To add an item to the chart:
  1. To display the Insert from Palette pane, click the Home tab, and then in the Palettes group, click Insert from Palette.
  2. To add an entity, select a representation at the top of the Entities section, select a palette from the drop-down list, then drag an entity type onto the charting surface.
    Tip: To add multiple entities of the same type, double-click the entity type, then click the charting surface to add entities. To stop adding entities, press Esc. You can add multiple links in the same way, in the Links section.
  3. To add a link between two entities, select a palette from the drop-down list at the top of the Links section, click a link type, then drag between the entities.