Live formatting

Live formatting in Analyst's Notebook changes the appearance of chart items, by applying conditional formatting specifications in real time.

Live formatting extends the capabilities of conditional formatting if your chart items contain i2 Analyze records. You can run specifications automatically when i2 Analyze records are changed, added, or deleted from the chart. The styles of items change to reflect the changing data. You need suitable conditional formatting specifications defined before you can set up live formatting and not all specifications are compatible, depending on your schema. Analyst's Notebook guides you to information about rules and how they might affect the chart, as you work through the setup process. When you run live formatting, changes are applied immediately unless the specification is incompatible.

The live formatting command is located in the record bar and is always visible. As you continue to work with your chart, live formatting can be stopped, edited, restarted, or reset by using a drop-down menu of commands.