Creating a production deployment

The process of creating a production deployment is separated into a number of different activities, which you complete in an iterative process. The suggested process involves the creation and retention of several environments, each one focused on different aspects of a production deployment of i2 Analyze.

Planning for production

Before you can start to install and deploy i2 Analyze, you must first understand how i2 Analyze fits into your organization:
  • Understand what i2 Analyze is.
  • Understand the requirements of the deployment, and align these to a deployment pattern.
  • Understand the data and security models of the environment that i2 Analyze is deployed in.
For more information, see the Understanding section.


After you identify the requirements of the deployment, you can start to create the production deployment. The process of deploying i2 Analyze is completed in three phases that are explained in Deployment phases and environments.


If your planned deployment of i2 Analyze is to a small workgroup and includes only the Chart Store, an example deployment with the Chart Store and custom security settings might offer sufficient performance. For more information about example deployments, see Creating an example with the Chart Store.