Managing i2 Analyze

As the administrator of an i2 Analyze deployment, you have access to tools for ingesting and deleting data from the Information Store; for alerting users when something in the system changes; and for scheduling tasks. You can also call the methods of the i2 Analyze REST API.

Ingesting data into the Information Store
System administrators can add data to the Information Store in bulk by following an ETL (extract, transform, load) process. To update data that was added to the Information Store earlier, they can use the same process to add it again.
Information Store data deletion
i2 Analyze supports several different mechanisms for creating records in the Information Store. It also supports different mechanisms for deleting them individually, selectively, or in bulk.
Retrieving chart metadata
i2 Analyze enables database administrators and third-party extensions to retrieve information about charts that users upload to the Information Store or the Chart Store. Specifically, you can find out which users have uploaded a particular chart, and when that chart was last accessed.
Sending alerts to i2 Analyze users
i2 Analyze enables system administrators and third-party extensions to send alerts to users of the system. These alerts appear in the Analyst's Notebook Premium client alongside the alerts from Visual Queries that users are familiar with.
Scheduling custom server tasks
i2 Analyze supports the development of custom 'tasks' that the server executes on a user-defined schedule. A task is simply a Java class that implements a specific interface and performs a custom action when invoked.
REST API documentation
i2 Analyze supports a REST API that provides the ability to run text and geospatial searches against the data in the Information Store; to download schemas and server settings; and to perform some server administration functions.