Using a standalone license

By providing i2 Analyst's Notebook 10 with a license key or a license file, you activate the installation with a standalone license. The license is valid for one user of the host workstation at a time.

Important: A standalone license can't be shared by or transferred to another workstation. It is locked to the workstation for which it was created. Furthermore, standalone licenses are not compatible with Remote Desktop Services. In that scenario, you must use a network license or an internet license instead.

When you start Analyst's Notebook 10 for the first time, or if it doesn't find a valid license where it expected to find one, you'll see the Activate i2 Analyst's Notebook dialog:

The "Activate i2 Analyst's Notebook" dialog

If the dialog doesn't appear, you can open it by clicking Activate in the Activation required banner.

To activate Analyst's Notebook with a standalone license on a workstation with an internet connection, select Enter a license key. To do the same without an internet connection, select Install a license file.

Note: If you're not ready to provide license information, you can click Activate Later to use Analyst's Notebook temporarily without a license. The Activation required banner remains visible in the application window, and the dialog reappears next time you start Analyst's Notebook 10.

Activation with a license key

All purchases of Analyst's Notebook come with an entitlement identifier (EID) that you can use as a standalone license key:

  • After clicking Enter a license key, copy and paste the EID that you received from i2 into the EID field, and then click Activate Now.

    Note: In some environments, access to the internet is controlled on a per-application basis. If you see an error even though your workstation is connected, contact your system administrator.

Every EID can be used to create a certain number of licenses. Provided that the EID you entered has not already been used to its limit, Analyst's Notebook receives a standalone license from an internet server and the Activation required banner disappears.

Activation with a license file

Standalone licenses are created using information about the workstation they're to be used on. If your workstation doesn't have an internet connection, you must provide that information to another that does:

  1. After clicking Install a license file, follow the instructions in the dialog to supply the locking code for your workstation to an administrator. You can use the copy button to guarantee capturing the whole code.

    The administrator must now follow the procedure to create a standalone license. You can continue to use Analyst's Notebook until they respond.

  2. When the administrator responds with a license file, reopen the Activate i2 Analyst's Notebook dialog and select the same option.

  3. Click Browse to License File, navigate to the license file, and click Open.

  4. Click Activate Now to apply the license to your installation of Analyst's Notebook 10.

Provided that the license file you received is valid, the Activation required banner disappears when the dialog closes.