Licensing for users

i2 Analyst's Notebook 10 requires a valid software license. Until you provide your installation with a license, the application displays a prominent Activation required banner at all times.

There are several different ways to provide the application with a license. Which ones you can use will depend on whether you purchased the software for yourself or it was supplied to you; and on any licensing policies or infrastructure that your organization might already have in place.

In general, however, the following options are available:

  • If your workstation is connected to the internet, and you're not using Remote Desktop Services, then the simplest way to get a license for Analyst's Notebook is to use the entitlement identifier (EID) that came with your purchase as a license key.

    Important: A license generated by using the EID in this way is locked permanently to the workstation in question. i2 recommends considering the other options before you choose this one.

  • If your workstation doesn't have an internet connection, or you want to take advantage of network or internet licensing, you need talk to an administrator or take on that role for yourself.

This part of the documentation describes how to use licenses of the different types. For information about creating and managing them, see Licensing for administrators.