Network licenses

If your i2 Analyst's Notebook users have workstations that are usually connected to a network, you can configure a computer on that network to manage licenses and provide them to users dynamically. Network licenses offer more flexibility than standalone licenses.

For example, if you activate your entitlement to create ten network licenses, then each installation of Analyst's Notebook that's configured to use a network license consumes one while it's running, but releases it when it's not. You'll see a problem only if more then ten users try to use a network license at the same time.

If a user knows that they'll need to use Analyst's Notebook when they're not connected to the network, they can borrow a license for a fixed period, and return it when they reconnect. A borrowed license reduces the allowed number of concurrent network users for the period of the lease.

License Manager

The computer that manages network licenses runs Sentinel RMS License Manager. There are versions of this software for the Windows and Linux operating systems.

The computer must also be on the same network as the workstations that run Analyst's Notebook. However, the software does not require dedicated server hardware, and you can run it on one of the Analyst's Notebook workstations if you want to.

The topics in this part of the documentation describe how to install the License Manager software, and then how to create and manage network licenses for your users.