Performing a query

When you have set up the conditions for a query, click Next to validate and then perform the query. If parameters have been defined in your query you will be prompted to enter values for these

Note: You may perform a query that displays more than one item in the results list. By default iBridge turns on all of the check boxes in the results list which means that all of the items will be charted when you click Finish. You can choose individual items to chart from the results list by either turning on or turning off the check box next to the item. Clear All turns off all of the check boxes and Select All turns on all of the check boxes again.

If this takes a long time, a Pause button is available . Click the button to temporarily halt the query, click it again to continue, or click Back to refine the conditions.

Note: If you do not wish to display the results but just chart them directly, you can click Finish. Your query is validated and the results are charted immediately. The query is saved with the name you entered.
  1. To see the information for one of the entries in the results list, click on the entry to highlight it. The information for that entry appears in the right side of the dialog.
  2. Once you see the results of your query, you may want to refine the conditions to narrow down your search. If so, click Back to return to the query conditions and modify them as required.
  3. When the query conditions are correct and you have displayed the results, click Finish.

    The results of your query are charted and selected. Any items matching the query conditions that are already on your chart are also selected. The layout of these items depends on the settings in the Charting Settings.