Microsoft SQL Server data type mappings

The table below shows the list of supported Microsoft SQL Server field data types and how they are mapped via ActiveX Data Object (ADO) types through iBridge to Analyst’s Notebook.

Note: Microsoft SQL Server field data types not listed in the table are unsupported in iBridge

Microsoft SQL Server Data Type * ADO Data Type # iBridge Data Type Analyst's Notebook Data Type
bit adBoolean (11) Boolean Flag
datetime (8) adDBTimeStamp (135) Date Time
smalldatetime (4) adDBTimeStamp (135) Date Time
tinyint adUnsignedTinyInt (17) Byte Number
smallint adSmallInt (2) Integer Number
int adInteger (3) Long Number
real adSingle (4) Single Number
float adDouble (5) Double Number
numeric (9) adNumeric (131) Double Number
decimal (9) adNumeric (131) Double Number
money (8) adCurrency (6) Currency Number
smallmoney (4) adCurrency (6) Currency Number
char adChar (129)) String Text
varchar adVarChar (200) String Text
nchar adWChar (130) String Text
nvarchar adVarWChar (202) String Text
binary (1-8000) adBinary (128) Binary Binary
varbinary (1-8000) adVarBrinary (204) Binary Binary
image (>8000) adLongVarBinary (205) Binary Binary
timestamp (8) adBinary (128) Binary Binary
uniqueidentifier (16) adGUID (72) GUID Binary
bigint adBigInt (20) Unknown Unknown
sql_variant adVariant (12) Unknown Unknown
^text adLongVarChar(201) Memo Text
^n Text asLongVarWChar(203) Memo Text
  • * - Numbers in parentheses denote the field size in bytes.
  • # - Numbers in parentheses denote the numeric value of the ADO data type enumerations.
  • ^ - These are SQL Server 2000 and 2005 data types, and are no longer available in SQL Server 2008.