Known problems and restrictions

The following are known problems or restrictions when using Microsoft SQL Server with iBridge:

  • To ensure that iBridge functions correctly with Unicode data when using an SQL Server database, you should turn on SQL Server Unicode DB in the Advanced page of the Properties dialog. By default this check box is turned off. You must turn it on if your database contains Unicode data in either primary keys or fields that will be used in query conditions. If your database does not contain Unicode data then turning this check box on can degrade performance.
  • There are some restrictions on the use of Binary fields:
    • Binary fields longer than 32 bytes cannot be on Cards, a Key field, or a Find field.
    • Short Binary fields cannot be used to Chart as picture.
  • If you are using a filter condition on a fixed length padded field (for example, when defining a sub type) and you encounter problems, consider creating a view with a variable length field instead.